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"Let's Write Your Business Plan provides a comprehensive and thorough way to plan for business success without spending a lot of money! The book takes a complicated process and breaks it down into a series of manageable steps! Don't spend another dime until YOU get Ginny's book."
Paul Suarez
Owner Dry-Maax Carpet Care
"We are well-pleased with this workbook because it is written in such a way that anyone can understand the lessons and worksheets. The clients like the book, and our counselors like the book… That is what counts."
Donald R. Johnson
SCORE Chairman, Chapter 80 Toledo, OH
"This book helps students develop a realistic business plan. The material is presented in a logical, well-thought out manner. A local banker commented that our students’ business plans are better prepared than over 95% of all proposals submitted to the bank. I highly recommend this book to any educational institution that is preparing its students for a career as a small business owner."
Willis Vermilya
Business Teacher, BOCES, Binghamton, NY
"We think this is a great book and recommend it highly."
James Lay
SCORE, Fort Worth, TX
"As a former business owner, I sought Ginny's help in marketing strategy. She is knowledgeable, has years of experience, a great deal of professionalism and the drive to see you through to success!"
Barbara Fuller
Retired, Endwell, NY
"We at the Pottstown SCORE chapter have used your workbook, Let’s Write Your Business Plan for a number of years now, both as the basis for one of our workshops and by our counselors when working with clients considering going into business."
Donald W. Havas
SCORE, Pottstown, PA
"My experience with Ginny can be summarized in five qualities: networker, motivator, creative, task and deadline oriented and hard worker. I particularly appreciate Ginny’s understanding of the global entrepreneurial picture."
Bob Blenn
Motivational Speaker, Denver, CO
"Ginny has a passion for helping others and an amazing attention to detail. I can't think of a better guide for starting and growing your business!"
Marietta Beckham
Author, Henderson, NV
"I am a SCORE counselor in the southwest Washington area. My background primarily involves 38 years working as an industrial engineer with a series of manufacturing companies in the Midwest and on the west coast. I have found this workbook to be valuable for people just starting their business planning. It takes them through the process in an easy to follow manner that helps build their confidence."
Ralph C. Edwards
A&R Edwards, Vancouver, WA
"As a small business owner of sixteen years, I wasn’t sure if the training would be worth the investment of my limited time. Now, I am certain that I made the right choice. Ginny Robert is an invaluable resource to the small business community. Her knowledge base is extensive. Her teaching style is clear, effective and fun. Her writings are concise and instructional. As a consultant she listens closely, uses sound judgment and gives the right answers. Her feedback is a rare blend of compassionate support and honest critique. Her commitment to the development of small business owners is authentic. I have used Ginny Robert’s classes, books and consultation services and I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about starting or growing a small business."
Art Frenz, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Endicott, NY
"When I left my law firm and law career after 29 years to pursue my passion of practicing hypnotherapy, I suddenly felt lost at sea without any direction, plan or rudder. I meandered through the next few weeks feeling lost. I am so grateful that a friend referred me to Ginny Robert’s training program. Suddenly, I had direction, a plan and a schedule. In Ginny’s capable hands, I was given very useful advice on where to start in developing my part-time practice into a full-time practice. I can honestly say that without Ginny’s guidance and oversight, I would still be floundering at sea and a long way from my goal of establishing a full-time hypnotherapy practice. Thanks to Ginny, my goal is now close to becoming a reality."
Jim Lee
Hypnosis for Healing, Vestal, NY
"We use this book with both new and emerging businesses. It is clearly written and logically organized using step-by-step worksheets to develop a business plan. Clients have found the sample business plan practical and helpful as a guide for the actual format, especially what to include in the financial section."
Bonnie Gestwicki
Small Business Development Center, Corning, NY
"The course and your books are powerful tools and I would heartily recommend those resources to anyone starting a business."
Rob Pendleton
Pendleton Bat Company, Binghamton, NY
"Clients have found this book to be user-friendly and the sample business plan easy to follow. All feedback has been favorable."
Robert H. Avery
SCORE Chapter 98, Syracuse, NY