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We have helped thousands of men and women start successful small businesses of all types. 

If you are inexperienced and confused about how to start a successful small business, you're in the right place!

We promise easy-to-understand, step-by-step advice based on more than 30 years of success.

Ginny L. Robert      

  • Recommended by The Wall Street Journal

  • Awarded for starting/retaining the most small businesses in Upstate NY

  • Honored as one of the Top 10 Best SBDC Advisors in Upstate NY

  • Recognized as the Women In Business Champion in Central NY

  • Empowering Entrepreneurs

    For more than 30 years, Business Plans That ROCK! has helped thousands of men and women start successful businesses of all types. 

    Owner Ginny L. Robert is a small business advisor, trainer, and writer. She is dedicated to helping individuals find personal satisfaction and financial freedom through self-employment.

    Her goal is to empower entrepreneurs who want to start and grow a business with practical strategies .

    Ginny's highly effective workbooks are valuable tools for individuals interested in starting their own business or growing an existing business . 

    These workbooks are used nationwide in training programs and one-on-one mentoring provided by SCORE, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), colleges, workforce development boards, and economic development agencies.

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    Self-Employment Tools

    Building your business on a solid foundation. Available in Digital and Hard Copy.

    3rd Edition, 2021

    Building Your Future In Self-Employment 

    This workbook is a step-by-step guide that covers all aspects of the small business startup process. 

    It is based on more than 30 years of experience in small business ownership, entrepreneurial training, and advising. Topics include Evaluating The Feasibility of Self-Employment and Business Planning and Business Operations.

    10th Edition, 2021

    Let's Write Your Business Plan

    Easily write your comprehensive, bankable business plan with this easy-to-understand workbook designed for all small businesses.

    This workbook is a practical, organized approach to business planning, including a sample business plan and step-by-step, fill-in-the-blank worksheets.  

    Companion Financials Template Flash Drive

    This template duplicates all the financial worksheets in Let’s Write Your Business Plan. You can simply input data, save, and print. You can quickly and easily experiment with various projections and scenarios.


    More than 100,000+ Let's Write Your Business Plan workbooks have been sold to motivated entrepreneurs just like you!


    "Let's Write Your Business Plan provides a comprehensive and thorough way to plan for business success without spending a lot of money. The book takes a complicated process and breaks it down into a series of manageable steps. Don't spend another dime until YOU get Ginny's book!" 

    PAUL SUAREZ- Dry-Maax Carpet Care

    "When the pandemic caused a nationwide shutdown, I lost my full-time job. A friend recommended Building Your Future in Self-Employment. I purchased it and read it cover to cover. Ginny emphasized that a key to small business success is to find an unmet need and fill it. Based on my strong computer skills and love for young children - plus research on my target market and competition - I started a distance learning tutoring service for children 12 and under..Thank you, Ginny, for your awesome help! "

    BECKY CARTER - Peoria, IL

    Featured Services

    Easy-to-understand, step-by-step training and advice based on more than 30 years of success.

    Training Programs

    For organizations that provide training for small business startups, we can provide a comprehensive package: syllabus, instructor's manual, and workbooks.

    For New York State existing businesses, Ginny personally presents training on Sexual Harassment Prevention. This training is mandated by NYS on an annual basis.

    Business Plan Reveiw

    The first step in learning business planning is to understand the purpose, scope, and format of a comprehensive business plan.

    After completing your business plan, it is recommended that you have it reviewed by a small business expert – especially if you are submitting it as a loan proposal. We can provide this service with prompt turnaround.

    Advising: Planning and Management of Successful Women's Conference

    Celebrating Women in Business (CWIB) Conference & Trade Show has been held 10 times in Binghamton, NY. As the event Chair seven times, Ginny knows all aspects of planning and managing this highly popular event. She can help you start this unique event in your community too.

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    What Ginny's Clients Are Saying...

    Let's Write Your Business Plan is an ingenious tool in the preparation of a personal business plan. It takes what looks like an impossible task and breaks it down into easily dealt with sections. The information on financing and organizing market research is especially helpful.

    - DON CLOUD, Groutstick Corporation., Sarasota, FL

    This book helps students develop a realistic business plan. The material is presented in a logical, well-thought-out manner.

    A local banker commented that our students’ business plans are better prepared than over 95% of all proposals submitted to the bank. I highly recommend this book to any educational institution that is preparing its students for a career as a small business owner.

    -WILLIS VERMILYA, Business Teacher, BOCES, Binghamton, NY

    Ginny provided valuable help when I first started my business Whole Health Nutrition Center (WHNC) nine years ago.

    One of the most important aspects of starting a new business is to decide how much money to spend on advertisement and where to spend it. She helped me develop a plan that worked and created momentum for my business. I was able to begin generating new clients relatively quickly. Nine years later, WHNC is still going strong. Contact Ginny. You won't be disappointed.

    - AARON LAMBERT, Whole Health Nutrition Center

    Ginny Robert, of Business Plans that ROCK!, is a super star! As an entrepreneur, I’ve been the successful beneficiary of her training and consulting.

    Ginny served as the Director of the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program at SUNY Broome, created and ran ten years of the outstanding “Celebrating Women in Business”conferences, and led symposia in every aspect of small business, including networking, market research, financial development, and more.

    Ginny’s book is truly the go-to workbook for establishing and managing a thriving small business. I am truly grateful that I have benefited from her business leadership in our region!

    - DEBBIE MORELLO,  Vice President, Student & Economic Development;   Emeritus, SUNY Broome

    Other Valuable Resources For Start-Ups

    The following websites are recommended to find useful information and additional resources for startup businesses:

    • Small Business Administration and Small Business Development Center (SBDC) www.sba.gov

    • SCORE www.score.org  

    • U.S. Census Bureau  www.census.gov

    • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  www.uspto.gov 

    • Internal Revenue Service  www.irs.gov 

    • LegalZoom.com Legal information and forms   www.LegalZoom.com

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